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  1. Luggage size :

The maximal luggage dimensions (cabin or cargo) correspond to the acceptable limit of the airplane compartments, divided by the number of traveler. Each airline has hers.

-          Cabin : from 50 x 40 x 20 cm to 56 x 45 x25 cm (see list below.pdf)

-          Cabin : maximum weight from 6 to 10 Kg, depending on the airline

-          Cargo : 158 cm Limit (height + width + length) for regular airlines, usually more tolerant than for cabin luggage. No boarding template.

-          Cargo : weight usually accepted go from 15 to 36 Kg, one or several luggage can be accepted according to the airline selected, please check when purchasing your ticket.

To sum up, we would advise you to take a cabin luggage only, in case of a short stay :  your luggage will travel at your side and allow you leave the airport without waiting in luggage unloading files.