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TSA System

  TSA Logo

What is « TSA »? 

A « TSA » lock for luggage wears this red logo.

Since 2001, American customs are willing to check any luggage entering their territory; after unloading luggage at a US airport, they will pick up some luggage, open it with a special 'TSA' key pass, check what is inside and give it back as it is. If your suitcase is locked and does not wear any TSA system, they may force it and give it back to you broken.

Usually, to travel to North America you will be advised to use a special TSA suitcase or to buy a ‘TSA’ locker, or strap to wrap around your suitcase.

Useful accessory : Our TSA strap ref. 13736  will allow american customs open and close any luggage, and give it back in good state, whatever the lock type.