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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you select a suitcase, we give you below a list of the most usual questions :


1/ Is a rigid or soft luggage better ? The answer is quite personal :


Soft suitcase : functional and resistant

  • Soft, it will cushion any shocks and ease pass into a template
  • Usually, soft luggage have pockets and outside storage possibilities
  • Less risk of slipping from airplanes cabins storage hatches
  • No loss of space in corners

Rigid suitcases : some enticing benefits

  • Security : once locked, a rigid suitcase will prove airtight and “anti-theft”, without outside pocket.
  • Light and resistant : materials have evolved lately and prove now very resistant (A.B.S., P.C., P.U. , Polyéthylène). Further more, some new ones show soft and light qualities as well.
  • « Look » : more « stylish », rigid suitcase look more modern and appeal to young people better.


2/ 2 or 4 wheels ?


  • A 2 wheel luggage will resist longer, can be held and pulled in a dropping position, its wheels are usually quite strong and can hold rolling on bitumen grounds. Nevertheless, we advise you to always lift the suitcase to pass sidewalks and stairs without ruining it.
  • A 4 wheel luggage will be more comfortable and handy, its 4 wheels swivel 360°, allowing  any position, in front of you aside, behind... which can prove very helpful in the aisles of trains and airplanes. You should push it or pull it straight, in a vertical position (resting on its 4 wheels in order to share the weight) and not leaning as a 2 wheel one. And also lift it to pass any stair or sidewalk.

Wheels are usually smaller and you should take good care of the back wheels to make them last.

Some 4 wheels offer the benefit of 2 large and strong back wheels, so that you can roll your suitcase without any restriction, it will behave properly in any case, and last longer.



3/ What is a jacquard canvas ?


The SQUARE line is made of a special jacquard canvas with field effect. Its woven grid pattern is unique. The jacquard technique gives a very special relief effect and brightness.

Jacquard weaving is an old technique initiated in the XIXth century in Lyon, France, by Mr Jacquard.

It allowed mechanized way of drawing in weaving, combining warp and weft in a textile mastery of the highest degree. This mechanical innovation with perforated crates system can be seen as the ancestor of the computer.



4/  What is the use of the MAISON DU BAGAGE travel accessories ?


  • To inquire your luggage weight :

Luggage-scale : it gives your luggage weight, before going to the airport, in order to prevent you from extra weight charges when boarding. Réf. 13717.


  • Heavy luggage to lift without wheels ? :

Luggage-cart : this little metal cart (foldable) will help you roll any heavy luggage without wheels, you may even fold it and carry it inside the luggage itself. Réf. 10028.


  • Non TSA luggage :

You are preparing a travel to North America or Canada and your suitcase/bag is a simple non TSA one (without any TSA lock) ?


  • TSA luggage strap :

It allows US customs to open, check and seal the bag, even if it has no TSA lock. Not every bag nor suitcase is checked to enter the US anyway. Réf. 13736.